8 Reasons Affiliate Marketing is a Boom Industry

8 Reasons Affiliate Marketing is a Boom Industry

\Affiliate Marketing (AM) is an integral player in digital marketing and whichever way you look at it; AM is here to stay. When it comes to future projections of the network, the question is who will dominate the space? Every digital brand wants to assert their presence in the mobile market, and for now, we

\Affiliate Marketing (AM) is an integral player in digital marketing and whichever way you look at it; AM is here to stay. When it comes to future projections of the network, the question is who will dominate the space?

Every digital brand wants to assert their presence in the mobile market, and for now, we can only predict the future based on the current trends in the AM industry. The future is bright with technology, and there will always be space for significant innovations.

Here is a quick overview of some of the top trends to expect next year and beyond.

1. Multi-Touch Attributions
Over the next decade, Affiliate Marketing will be dominated by the revolution of multi-touch technology. Many market units target to achieve extra touch points in the retail sector. The Affiliate advertisers will reconsider their commission models.

This means that they will have to provide better offers to beat their market competitors. Additionally, the retail apocalypse will force many brands to focus more on their digital presence as opposed to their physical presence. In these cases, the affiliate terrain will stretch and grow.

All this will be as a result of the competition created by the online brands. In summary, publishers will enjoy the benefit of the expansion process considering that the advertisers will be busy fighting for their market attention.

2. More Micro-Influencer Opportunities
There is no doubt that the future of AM lies with the micro-influencers. Humans like to share information about their favourite products on social media.

Many times, people get to share information about their latest purchases. This is expected not to change considering that social media is a valuable tool in creating product and site traffic. The affiliate links will use social media in creating more opportunities for product share and sales.

Everyone with a social account will be given a chance to enjoy Digital Marketing. With the increase in the number of online users, more of the same is expected.

3. Freelance Business
The internet has provided enormous opportunity for individuals to work from home.

This is expected not to change since many people prefer to be self-employed. The Affiliate Market is projected to open space for more freelancers in the future.

Even jobs that are currently not conducted online are expected to come on board. Freelancing provides opportunities for everyone irrespective of where they work. Affiliate marketing is expected to provide more opportunities for consultants, tutors, writers, and investors.

4. Affiliate Network Consolidation
Today, AM is seen as a responsible vehicle in digital marketing. Initially, Affiliate Marketing was seen as a platform for gambling and shady business.

The future is bright for AM and one can predict that more brands will join the network. Many publishers will come together and improve their marketing strategies to meet their market needs.

All levels of purchasing from the smallest to the biggest blogging unit are expected to grow exponentially. Currently, about 15% of revenue in Digital Media comes from AM. In the next 10 years, the revenue rates are expected to triple.

With such projections, the future for AM is promising for consolidation links.

5. Smartphone Revolution
We haven’t seen the best of mobile phones. In as much as there is a lot you can do with your phone with respect to Digital Marketing, expect to identify more opportunities in Smartphone technology.

Blogging and content sites are driving more traffic sales through the Smartphone, and this is expected not to change anytime soon.

The use of Smartphone is expected to continue in the future and more market targets are expected to come aboard. The AM networks will be focusing on how to reward and motivate their customers and affiliates via the phones.

6. Commission and incentives
In the recent past, affiliated companies have taken effective actions in ensuring that their sales are recognised from a digital perspective. The future lies with these companies offering more incentives and commissions to their affiliates. You can expect to earn more as an affiliate in the future.

The projections are that the customer base will improve and so will the returns for the AM brands.

This means that the affiliates will also earn more. For the price and content sites, customer traffic is expected to favour the product. This further translates to more product discovery in terms of usage.

The analogy also applies to social media sites that primarily focus on product promotion and discovery.

7. External Regulations
“As the Digital Market space extends and more people get to appreciate affiliate marketing and the performance marketing benefits it brings”, says Zane McIntyre, CEO of Commission Factory, “greater restrictions will be enforced in the network.”

This means that we are going to see more external regulators in action.

The dream of General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) is becoming a reality, and it won’t be a surprise if the enforcement is actively implemented before the completion of the year.

The Digital Market should also expect other regulatory brands coming aboard to share a piece of AM’s revenue.

8. Rise of the China Brand
Today, China online market is arguably the most popular market.

There is more Chinese product than any other country. The numbers are expected to continue rising, and this means that China is taking control of the online marketing networks, particularly in respect to retail trade and innovation.

The country has invested a lot in digital marketing, and Affiliate Marketing provides an effective opportunity for the realisation of digital dominance by China. We should expect comprehensive market dominance and Affiliate Marketing links by China in the future.

The Takeaway
There is so much to project about the future of Affiliate Marketing. As more spaces are opening in AM, we should expect the above-discussed trends and many others.

There are lots of opportunities attached to Affiliate Marketing, and every real marketer is looking at the spaces created by the growth of the affiliate links. The above eight trends offer both the publisher and the advertiser enough material and resources to face the future of Affiliate Marketing effectively.

The spaces created by Affiliate Marketing are there to be filled, and this means more innovations.

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